With 19 years of industry experience, Panhandle Restaurant Service leads the marketplace with innovative products from America’s leading brands, reliable kitchen appliance and equipment repair, preventative maintenance, and a commitment to exceptional customer service that forges long-term partnerships.

Premium Product Selection

Panhandle Restaurant Services offers online convenience to restaurant owners searching for the best cookware or commercial kitchen appliances available. We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding collection of thousands of top brand products that keep your kitchen at its most efficient and innovative. From heavy duty refrigeration equipment to countertop cookware and smallware, we’ve got your foodservice covered for all your daily needs!

When you choose Panhandle Restaurant Services as your commercial kitchen supplier, you’ll receive your products faster than ever before! Most of our items available by online purchase are shipped within 24 hours! We know you’ll find your partnership with us is not only convenient but also affordable as well. Our commitment to competitive pricing will keep your kitchen more cost-efficient and fully stocked with products from your favorite brands.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

To a modern restaurant, operating at peak efficiency during your breakfast, lunch, or dinner rush hours is absolutely critical. If equipment runs poorly or breaks down altogether, the result could spell disaster for your establishment’s profitability and credibility. Don’t take major appliance maintenance for granted–get in touch with the expert restaurant equipment technicians at Panhandle Restaurant Services to design a maintenance plan that meets your schedule and budget requirements before catastrophe strikes! Our standard service technicians will perform tests and inspections, making any adjustments as needed, to keep your investments running at optimal efficiency.

Reliable Emergency Repair

Restaurants, like many other service-driven industries, have a daily reliance on the major appliances and equipment that keeps their operations running smoothly. When that equipment breaks down or fails to perform up to standards, it’s imperative that the issue be corrected as quickly as possible to avoid the loss of customers. Our mission at Panhandle Restaurant Services is to provide unparalleled emergency response service that will get your kitchen up and running with minimal downtime and at a price that fits your budget expectations.